Land or building development project requirements vary hugely dependent on a wide range of factors. Our Subdivision Process flowcharts give an indication of the process involved. However your proposal can be assessed in more specific and, hopefully, simple terms by a Registered Professional Surveyor when the specifics are known. This applies from a height to boundary or boundary redefinition survey through to large land development projects.

At Barr and Harris Surveyors Ltd we are happy to give initial advice and provide an outline of likely requirements and costs for your specific project at no cost. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project.
Click here for the Ministry for the Environment guidelines to the Resource Consent process

Although the process appears complex the majority of applications are relatively simple. Your Registered Professional Land Surveyor or other planning professional will have experience and will be able to describe the individual requirements for your application.

Barr and Harris Surveyors Ltd process resource consents weekly. The vast majority of resource consents lodged at the Territorial or Regional authorities are approved. From experience likely issues with problems can be identified prior to application.

If you have any questions regarding your project requirements, or would like further information about our services please click here to contact us.

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