Land Development

Industrial and Commercial Subdivisions
Small scale residential subdivisions
Multi lot residential subdivisions
Retirement villages
Resource Management Planning

Land use consents
Subdivision consents
Pre-consent consultation process
Zoning changes/District Plan submissions
Development planning issues
Planning hearings
Land Surveying

Feasibility and site surveys
Building and construction set out
Topographical surveys
Boundary redefinition surveys
Easement and land covenant surveys
Unit title subdivision
Cross lease subdivision
Boundary adjustments
Urban and rural subdivision
Height to boundary surveys
Civil Engineering

Building compliance
Pump station design
Stormwater attenuation
Driveway design
Contract administration and supervision
Wastewater and stormwater reticulation
Water supply
Road testing and design
Subdivision Infrastructure

Land or building development project requirements vary hugely dependent on a wide range of factors. At Barr and Harris Surveyors Ltd we are happy to give initial advice and provide an outline of likely requirements and costs for your specific project free of charge.


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